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A BLANDX Editorial

Kick the Cubans Out of 60 meters!!!

By Dr. Philip Simpson


For over a decade now the DX world has been plagued by unnecessary Cuban transmitters in the 60 meter band. Fidel Castro's government has ignored resolutions by SASWA, the Union of Exiled Ugandan DX Clubs, the Baffin Island DX Club, and Swedish DX Commando, among others, stating that Cuban stations are not DX and don't belong on 60 meters. Fidel seems to think that his reaching an audience of illiterate peasants for Radio Rebelde and Mayak relays justifies the blocking of rare DX signals.

SASWA, in cooperation with other DX organizations, has peacefully tried to persuade Fidel to change frequencies to the 19 MB, where he can block anything he wants for all we care. (We would even assist him in blocking some specific stations.) But, he refuses to be reasonable. We are running out of alternatives. Widespread international economic sanctions banning the sending of IRCs to the island do not seem to be working, and with another DX season approaching we do not have the luxury of time. I therefore propose that we move 500,000 DXHunk-10s to Key West and that we issue a firm deadline of October 1st for Fidel to modify this policy. Fidel must clearly realize that Rebelde and Mayak must leave 60 meters. This demand is moral and our cause is just. We have the God-given right to force cosmically insignificant countries to bow to our will! As DXers, we are the annointed of God!

Fidel should realize that we are not bluffing. We are not worried about chemical, biological, or nuclear threats, nor the possibility of more press reviews on Radio Havana. His threats to jam the radio preachers and talk shows that fill our AM radio dial only amuse us - indeed, we look forward to it! We will give no quarter. We demand a complete unilateral withdrawal from 60 meters, and full compliance to all resolutions of the Union of Exiled Ugandan DX Clubs Emergency Council. If Fidel does not come to his senses, we reserve the option of flooding his puny island with Dan Quayle posters. We will not be adverse to using the Scarfman weapon either, in a precision attack. This is an urgent matter that may require an immediate joint session of the SASWA Editorial Junta, the BoD of the Swedish DX Commando, and other concerned DX organizations. Let the DX world unite under the SASWA banner for a New Frequency Order!!


The above article appeared in the 1991 edition of BLANDX, the DX bulletin parody magazine. More information about BLANDX is available from Don Moore.

What were once vices are now good DXing habits. (BLANDX 1990)


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