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BLANDX QSLs - 1988


AUSTRIA: R Austria Inter. 9770 f/d "Kangaroos Frolicking in High Alpine Pasture" cd in 60 days. (Clay Hastings)

COMOROS: R Comoros 3331 n/d "Damn Listlogger" cd in 2 mo for FF rpt & broken barstool. (Don Badger)

COSTA RICA: R Reloj 6006 f/d "San Jose - George Washington didn't sleep here" cd in 4.675 months. (Christina Van Helder)

CUBA: R Havana 6090 f/d "Maria Teresa Ramirez - Castro's First Mistress" cd in 3 wks. (Dan Morgan)

ICELAND: Iceland Broadcasting 13786 f/d "Unique things to do with frozen seagulls" cd, #6 of 10. in 847 hours (Carson Humboldt)

LESOTHO: LNBS 4800 f/d picture of "Our National Omelette Making Team" in 66d for Eng rpt & one dozen eggs. (Andre Carbonneau)

MALI: R Mali 4783 f/d cd in 2 months for Greek report & 20 page manual on constructing outhouses. Also rcv'd photo of stn staff standing around new outhouse. (Ray Framas)

MAURITANIA: Rdif Mauritania 4845 f/d "Improofing our English" cd in 135,867 minutes for 1 IRC & partly used tube of Radio Cairo mustache wax. (Temperance Victoria)

OMAN: Radio Oman 7270 p/d "Honoring Oman's Numerous Gold Medalists" cd in 0.028 decades v/s Omar Rabinovitz (Don Badger)

PERU: R Moderna 4300 f/d "Trying Not to Learn French" cd in 5 wks (Rill Rumbley) Believe this is #6 in 15 of the "Trying Not to" series. - Ray . f/d "Trying Not to Be an Anthropologist" cd in 0.047 decades. (Will Cedoux) n/d "Trying Not to Make a Banana Cake" cd in 8 wks. (Nova Jean Alberta)

SENEGAL: ORTS 4890, f/d "Unsurpassable mediocrity" cd, #7 of 23, in 2,553 hours. (Ray Fremus) 7215 p/d "Tasty Aluminum" cd and small bag of locally made aluminum snack food (very crunchy!) in 0.147 decades (Dillon Hollister)

SWAN ISLAND: R Americas 6005 f/d map cd in 19 years in exchange for some sensitive photos my cousin smuggled out of CIA headquarters. (Carson Humboldt)

TIBET: Xizang PBS 4550 verified w/ personal ltr in just 2 months (Johnny Santos). Thanks for the photocopy, Johnny. I asked my next door neighbor, Yang Wong, to translate it: "We appreciate receiving reception reports such as yours that omit program details. This enables us to process reports much faster. In case you're interested, the 1700 transmission on 4550 was on our new 75 watt transmitter." -Ray

TURKEY: VoTurkey 9660 f/d "Typical Turkish merchants importing themselves" cd in 3.5 million seconds (Temperance Victoria) 7275 f/d photo of stn announcers painting each other blue. In 4.5 fortnights. (Clay Hastings)

BEGINNERS' CORNER: Ace DXer Jack Bradbury reminds us that "most QSLs are made of paper or cardboard - both of which are highly flammable. Therefore your QSL cards and letters should be kept away from open flames, stoves, ashtrays, and other fire hazards. Don't learn the hard way like many DXers!" Thanks, Jack. By the way, QSLs and paper shredding machines don't mix either! Don't learn the hard way like me! - Ray

NOTES: Received nice letters from Clayton Humboldt-NV, Don Badger-WI, Omy Goshen-KS, and my mother. New member Don Badger says he is having trouble verifying Radio Prague. Try my Czech language report form. Available for just $10.00 and a long SASE. Omy Goshen writes about his latest equipment find - an all-band microwave. Seems reception to South America is enhanced whenever the appliance is on. He says DX has been great, but the electric bills . . . Clayton Humboldt says he would appreciate seeing more photos of exotic QSLs in BLANDX . . . so would I, but I don't think any really exist . . .

Hope to see you all at SASWACON in August. I won't be at the hotel, but will instead stay at my sister's apartment above the Guangxi PBS Laundry (next door to Enchiladas XERMX - "Real Mexican food served with Real Mexican Water"). You never know what's going to happen at a SASWACON. Like Joe Adamov's surprise last year. At the end of the Saturday night banquet, Joe announced that he had a big surprise for us. He clapped his hands, & three burly cossack- types pulled in a huge cake. "A special gift from the fun-loving people at Radio Moscow" according to Joe. Everybody was even more surprised when Eugenia Stepanova's bikini-clad twin daughters, Natasha and Maria, jumped out the top. Of course, the real surprise was on Joe when they immediately asked for political asylum. Coming just a week after his brother Tom's defection, that was all Joe could take. He spent the rest of the evening in the bar, before flying back to Moscow the next morning. As to Natasha and Maria, I hear they're both waiting on tables at the Mockba Pub.

Remember, any rumours you hear about me are probably true.


FOR SALE: Exclusive video taken at last year's SASWACON's Saturday night banquet of Deutsche Welle's Heinrich Schmidt and VOA's Jim Fredericks mud wrestling for exclusive rights to 9570 khz! Contact BLANDX HQ. This video may be illegal in some states.

FOR SALE: Almost authentic QSLs from rare stations. Just send me your prepared QSL cards. I will sign, place some old cancelled stamps from that country on the envelope, and return. Its expensive, but guaranteed! Why waste money sending reports to difficult to verify stations? Send SASE for complete price list. Art Flemington, Box 6, What Cheer, Iowa.

FOR SALE: ICOM IC-R70 receiver. Like new, only dropped once or twice. Logged England, Canada, South Africa, and at least fifteen more countries in 4 years of active use. A bargain at $250, so I'll charge $400. Contact: S.J. Woodsman, Box 45685, Tinmouth, VT

FOR SALE: The Comrade KR-34 Typewriter - A DXer's Dream! Yes, now you too can have the same typewriter used by Radio Moscow to type up QSL cards. Just think - all you'll have to do is send R Moscow a report without asking for the site to be indicated. When your verie arrives, just use this typewriter to indicate the needed Soviet site. You no longer have to depend on your DX abilities to get that desired site verified. The typeface is guaranteed to match that used by Radio Moscow. I only have a few of these, so order now. Just $1500 from Tom Adamov c/o Radio Moscow.


The above article appeared in the 1988 edition of BLANDX, the DX bulletin parody magazine. More information about BLANDX is available from Don Moore.

What were once vices are now good DXing habits. (BLANDX 1990)


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