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By Ryan Finelli


This month we talk with the Luigi Locatelli, the new Chief Director of UNADXC, the Union of North American DX Clubs. Luigi's name should be familiar to many BLANDXers as he was a prominent & active BLANDXer from mid 1960s to late 1970s. He had just returned to the USA after spending seven years in his native Sicily when the head position of UNADXC opened up. Luigi graciously volunteered to put his strong organizational talents into rebuilding and restructuring UNADXC, despite the heavy time constraint imposed by his job as president of his family cement contracting business.

Finelli: Welcome to BLANDX, Luigi, and congratulations on your new position. Your supporters say you're just the person to put some life back in UNADXC.
Locatelli: Yeah, well, this organization's been in need of a strong hand for a long time. I'll whip things in shape.
Finelli: As I understand, you were very interested in taking over the UNADXC, and most clubs quickly supported you. However, I believe that a few clubs initially resisted your taking over. How was that worked out?
Locatelli: Yeah, two club presidents were still holding out, but two weeks ago they came around. They both had unfortunate accidents that resulted in broken kneecaps. The time in the hospital gave them some time to think things through more clearly.
Finelli: That's horrible news about the accidents!
Locatelli: yyhhyyhh... They were lucky. I remember in 1969 a DX club president was involved in an unusual car accident. The body was never found. I think that was about the same time our company was pouring a cement foundation for a new transmitter building at VOA Greenville.
Finelli: Umm... What are you most looking forward to doing as the head of UNADXC?
Locatelli: Running tables at DX conventions.
Finelli: You mean to pass out club literature?
Locatelli: No! Craps, blackjack, roulette! You name it, we'll have a table! This organization needs some positive cash flow fast. I got some friends used to be with the Teamsters. We're gonna fit a whole casino in the back of a semi and take it to regional DX meetings all around the country. Ita even have slot machines. Put in a silver dollar and pull the lever. Three Radio Moscows'll get you the big one.
Finelli: Getting back to the UNADXC, what part of the organization do you think shows the most potential for further development?
Locatelli: Well, we have this branch that collects old QSL cards from stiffs. Dead DXers' QSL cards ain't worth much, but in a coupla years we should be able to get their cars, houses, and bank accounts too. Lane, that amateur that was running it, got himself involved in a little scandal, so I'll have to replace him. My nephew Vito here will know how to get things done right. And can't forget that computer bulletin board service. I don't know much about those kind of things, but my grandson Enrico is a real whiz. You know you can actually transfer money between accounts, even out of banks, just with a computer?
Finelli: Are there any special situations in the DX hobby that your administration plans to take a special interest in?
Locatelli: Yeah. There's been an unfortunate trend in the hobby towards stations not verifying as much as they used too. Some that used to send pennants, stickers, and other goodies don't do it anymore. I think we gotta do something about it, so I've formed a committee to take care of it. Put my cousin Benito in charge. Things will change. Benito is very persuasive.
Finelli: In the past, not all UNADXC leaders have had good relations with the clubs. How would you like the clubs to think of you and UNADXC?
Locatelli: I like to think of UNADXC as a family, and I want the clubs to think of me as their grandfather. Of course, we're not blood relations, so maybe it would be more appropriate if they thought of me as their godfather. Yeah, their godfather. That has a nice sound to it.
Finelli: Well, thank you for your time. I'm sure all BLANDXers will be glad to know that UNADXC is in strong, capable hands.
Locatelli: Sure. Good job with the interview, kid. Before you leave, you can kiss my ring.
Finelli: Thank you, Godfather.


The above article appeared in the 1992 edition of BLANDX, the DX bulletin parody magazine. More information about BLANDX is available from Don Moore.

What were once vices are now good DXing habits. (BLANDX 1990)


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