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2182 UNID: Hrd "SOS" in CW followed by a series of numbers and the words "degrees" and "minutes". Is this a navigational beacon? (Glen Glick)

3320 BOLIVIA: R Sin Miguel *1000 w/ anmt that Miguel no longer works there. (Don Badger)

3330 RWANDA: Rdif Rwandaise, Finally heard them at *0300 w/ French male ancr giving the time every minute just before the CHU ancr in English. The clocks over there must be broken, hi! (Bill Dernoff) You jerk! I've heard this several times, and it's Comoros drifting down from 3331. If you can't wait for an ID, stop reporting to this column! -ed

3424 BOLIVIA: R El Pato 0330-0355* w/ local superhero radio drama "Llama-man", s/off (Dillon Hollister)

3565 PERU: R Real de Cajamarca *0100-0120* very strong w/ new format of YL reading series of 5 digit SP numbers. Apparently sponsored by local Ministry of Education office. (Jack Mann)

4003 INDONESIA: RRI Padang 1105 w/ male ancr complaining that station name was too easy to pronounce. Asked for listeners to support write-in campaign to change stn name to RRI Panjungkarangadangalangatang. (Bill Dernoff)

4478 BOLIVIA: Radioemisora Sin Programas *2200-2355* w/ nonstop open carrier. Strong (Bill Rumbley)

4975 UNID: Spanish station here at 0930 w/ anmt "No somos TODELAR, no somos profesionales, no somos Ondas del Orteguaza." If not them though - then who? (Don Badger)

4980 BOLIVIA: R Batallon Topater 1015-1030. Complete stn ID at 1000 s/on as "Esta es Radio Batallon Topater. Radio Batallon Topater trasmite en 4980 khz onda corta. Escuchen la musica andina de Radio Batallon Topater toda la semana" Unfortunately since I didn't tune in until 1015, I missed the ID. So must mark tentative. (Dillon Hollister)

7005 UNID: Nothing hrd here at 1723 on 6/27. Can anyone tell me what I didn't hear? (Dan Morgan)

7020 ALBANIA: R Tirana 0200 Eng w/ nx followed by special anmt that despite numerous resquests from listeners, they would not move their North American service to 90MB frequencies during daylight hours. (Clayton Hastings) Was worth a try-ed.

7120 HUNGARY: R Budapest 0300 into 'Hungarian History' pgm after apology for error last month. Appears that every time the word "Hungary" came up, the announcer misread it as "Baffin Island". (Bill Remus) You're telling me! My son flunked his history class after doing a report on the Austro-Baffin Island Empire! ed

7175 USSR: R Moscow 0200 in Eng w/out Urdu lessons (Dillon Hollister) also in at 0315, but w/out used car ads (Bill Remus) Lately I've hrd them a couple of times here, but w/out a man reading seafood recipes -ed.

7180 UGANDA: R Uganda 0330 Eng w/out announcer burping and passing gas. What a bore! (Christina Van Helder)

9830 USA: WLIQ, Vo International Enquirer 0145 w/ live report from Amarillo, Texas on the city's annual banana sitting contest. (Dillon Hollister) To those of you who, like me, find this station disgusting; we only have digital SW radios to blame. They made it possible for any dope to tune SW, right, Hollister? -ed

11900 ASCENCION: BBC noted at 0230 w/ "Seagulls and Politics" (Carson Humboldt) Careful Humboldt, you can only get away with competence in this club for so long -ed

11955 FRANCE: RFI 1630 w/ "Paris Calling Africa . . . but Africa never answers." (Christina Van Helder)


The above article appeared in the 1988 edition of BLANDX, the DX bulletin parody magazine. More information about BLANDX is available from Don Moore.

What were once vices are now good DXing habits. (BLANDX 1990)


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