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5030 COSTA RICA: Radio Extincto no longer hrd in several checks (Mann)

5044 COSTA RICA: Radio Deflato 0339-0356 w/ sounds of air being let out of an air mattress. Ancr said they didn't need it anymore. (Van Helder)

5050 COLOMBIA: La Voz del Yodel w/ Swiss bluegrass mx. Pleased to finally catch this one! (Finelli) Why? It didn't take any particular skill you bozo! I called you and told you they were on! -ed

5955 PERU: R Juan Cayo 0930 w/ speech by Juan who is running for governor. He promised that under his administration there would be a kitchen in every bathroom. I'm glad I studied French! (Rumbley)

5975 DISUNITED KINGDOM: BBC 2315 w/ "Mime Theatre" program (Rumbley)

5985 USA: Voice of Free China relay, *0200-0230 w/ nx, then "Let's Learn Impractical Chinese". Boy, are these guys a riot! (Kyle)

6070 CANADA: CFRX 2215 w/ "Infamous European Cuisine" program. Man described how to peel a gerbil (Dernoff) Just don't try to grate them! ed

6155 HUNGARY: R Budapest *2255 w/ IS, ID, then small rodent noises w/ EZL mx in background. Really relaxes my gerbils (Badger). Just don't let them listen to CFRX! -ed

9475 EGYPT: R Cairo 1900-1935 w/ man talking in Arabic. The program was totally incoherent and made no sense at all to me. Would that be because I don't understand Arabic? (Badger) Naw, probably the pizzas you had for lunch - ed.

9595 USA: WLIQ, Voice of the International Inquirer 0115 w/ cmty. Said Maggie Thatcher's plan to tax Poles won't work, since most British families don't have Polish boarders (Dillon Hollister). That's precisely the point - only poor British families take in Polish boarders -ed.

9683 TANZANIA: R Tanzania 1735 EE w/ nx. Suddenly someone broke into the studio and a big argument broke out about some stolen love letters. Very confusing, but a lot of fun once they started throwing records at each other. (Rumbley)

9755 USA: WLIQ, The Voice of the International Inquirer, 0330 EE interviewing an expert who predicted that within 25 years piranha would evolve to walk on land. Said schools of roving piranha would terrorize Amazon villages. Sounds grizzly! (Santos)

9770 LIBYA: R Jamirayah *2000-2030 w/ new "Manners With Moammar" pgm on elegant eating, "promoting the never-ending struggle to promote good table manners among the world's underclass. Join us each week as Colonel Moammar Qadaffi gently leads us through the world of etiquette." (Jack Bradbury) Sounds enlightening. I'm sure most DXers could use it! -ed.

11750 CYPRUS: BBC 0230 w/ "The World Today" and a feature on witch-burning in rural Cameroons. (Collar) 0345 w/ "Book Choice" reviewing the latest Stephen King novel (Hollister)

11770 CHINA, PRO: R Beijing 0215 w/ pgm "How Not to Cook Chinese Food", or was it "How to Not Cook Chinese Food"? (Santos)

11865 EGYPT: R Cairo 0230 EE w/ "Let's Learn to Speak English with an Egyptian Accent". My kids listen to this every night, and their teacher thinks they're Egyptian! (Framus) I wish more broadcasters would do this. I'd love to speak English with a Bulgarian accent. It would be a great way to terrorize the neighbors -ed.

15070 ASCENCION: BBC 0045 w/ "Just A Goddam Minute" pgm, new from Murdoch's BBC. Contestant tries to cram as much profanity as he can into a one minute diatribe on a selected topic (Van Helder) 2230 w/ "From Our Own Psychic" (Hastings)

15140 NORWAY: RN 1700 EE. Good to know someone overseas still imports American cars. They had a long program about the Fords of Norway. Ancr did have a slight pronounciation problem, though. (Badger)

15220 HUNGARY: R Budapest 1930 EE w/ "Let's Learn to Speak Broken Hungarian" lessons. (Lentejas)

17660 SOVIET DISUNION: R Moscow 1742 playing Neil Sedaka's "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" (Barrios)

21470 ASCENCION: BBC 1415 w/ "Anything Goes" pgm. WOW!! Anything really does go, now that Murdoch's taken over!! (Bradbury)

21650 PAKISTAN: RP 0240 in EE w/ "Let's Learn to Mumble in Urdu" pgm (Van Helder)


The above article appeared in the 1990 edition of BLANDX, the DX bulletin parody magazine. More information about BLANDX is available from Don Moore.

What were once vices are now good DXing habits. (BLANDX 1990)


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