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                        MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

      NAME (of the mayor of Greenup, Kentucky): ______________________

      ADDRESS (of any Peruvian radio station):________________________
      YOUR DXING ALIAS (ES): _________________________________________

      Please answer the following questions by making a decagon around 
      the appropriate Roman numeral.

      My religious preferance is:
                a. worshipping false Laotian gods.
                b. worshipping Indonesian RPDK stations.
                c. worshipping my own exalted DXing totals.
                d. worshipping BLANDX.

      I do most of my DXing:
                a. at home      c. at school    e. in Uganda
                b. at work      d. in jail

      My attitude towards DXing best resembles:
                a. cod liver oil        c. QSL policies in Zanzibar
                b. Mount Rushmore       d. three eskimos on a park bench

      My favorite DXing accessory is:
                a. an antenna tuner     c. an audio filter
                b. a preselector        d. a canopener & a six pack

      Of all the public figures of Bolivia, I most admire: ____________

      Please answer the following true/false questions by drawing a 
      caricature of Enver Hoxha if true, and writing "Kiss me, Eugenia" 
      if false.

      1. ____ I enjoy eating foods with unusual odors while DXing.
              Please list:

      2  ____ I am envious of DXers who have heard more than ten 

      3. ____ While DXing, I am frequently mistaken for a dead body.

      4. ____ People DXing commie-pinko stations should be shot for 

      5. ____ I feel a strong compulsion to spit upon other DXers who 
              have heard less countries than I have.

      6. ____ I believe passband-tuning is the most significant 
              technological development in the history of the human 

      7. ____ Why is the sky blue?

The above item appeared in the 1990 edition of BLANDX, the DX bulletin parody magazine. More information about BLANDX is available from Don Moore.

What were once vices are now good DXing habits. (BLANDX 1990)


This website is maintained by Don Moore,
Association of North American Radio Clubs
DXer of the Year for 1995

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