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A Review


Once again we here at BLANDX have been asked to publicize a piece of meaningless drivel from an inferior DX club. Excuse us if we took a few liberties and rewrote the text.

The Baffin Island DX Club's MISTREATINGS 1990 is this year's collection of self-serving reviews, error-ridden technical articles, and meaningless conjecture for the SW DXer with a strong stomach. The 1990 edition follows last year's financially disastrous volume thanks to the bribes paid by certain receiver manufacturers for favorable reviews. Because of the quality of information published, each copy of MISTREATINGS 1990 comes with not one, not two, but an entire box of airline barf-bags.

What makes MISTREATINGS unique? Not a thing, except that certain people with BIDXC Unusual Publications like to see their names in print - a lot (yes, you will need those barf-bags!). Every article has been ignored by senior DXers who refused to answer our phonecalls (mainly because we refused to give them a cut). Futhermore, each article was edited for clarity by Alexander "Inoperative Statement" Haig. Yes, MISTREATINGS 1990 is truely essential for any DXer who wants to lose weight by losing his cookies.

Highlights in this year's edition:

Rod Curtain explains "Filter Modifications for the Cramosonic BRX-41 Reciever Using Just Sand Paper and a Monkey Wrench."

Glenn Glick on "DXing in the Slammer"

Bill Dernoff's superb "The File Cabinet as a DX Accessory"

Dr. Philip Simpson gives construction info on an urban DXer's dream - "The Downtown Parking Meter Supported Beverage"

Ryan Finelli on "Waterproofing Your QSLs"

Other topics include The Easy 60MB Cubical Quad Antenna; Dressing Fashionably at DX Conventions by Boris Barrios; Worshipping Vintage Receivers; Using Terrorists to Get Rare QSLs; An EZ Control-less Antenna Tuner; Active Antennas - Why Are They So Hyper?; DXing the Malian Outhouses; Alfredo Stroessner on Offensive DXing With The DXHunk-10s; and, of course, Mr William's insightful essay on DXing Without Gerbils.

What do others have to say about this year's MISTREATINGS?

Jonathon Thinmarks of Tedium Network: "I didn't read any of it, but it's big and thick, and sure looks impressive."

Mr. William: "It has lots of neat line drawings of houses with trees and antennas and stuff. Andy the DX Armadillo and I had lots of fun coloring them. We drew in little people too."

George Bush: "It doesn't smell like broccoli, so I'll buy one. Just don't raise the price on me."

Dan Quayle: "I guess I'll buy one too, even if it doesn't come with an anatomically-correct Chilean doll. Could you send one to an old friend of mine in California, too?"

MISTREATINGS 1990 will be in the mail whenever we get around to it, so don't delay your order. We're planning to have our next editorial meeting in Aruba and need the cash. MISTREATINGS 1990 costs just 20 Swiss Marks, cash only please, from BIDXC Unusual Publications, 592 Pastrami Lane, Center Sandwich, NH, USA.


The above article appeared in the 1990 edition of BLANDX, the DX bulletin parody magazine. More information about BLANDX is available from Don Moore.

What were once vices are now good DXing habits. (BLANDX 1990)


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