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BLANDX QSL Report (1990)

Editor: Ray Framus


BRAZIL: Rdif Amazonas 4805 F/d ltr from v/s Joao Medina who expressed amazement that I keep two piranhas as pets. Says they ate his pets. His kids too (Framus). R Marjoram 4955 n/d ltr in 66d for a spice nook (Kyle) R Verdes Florestas 4865 P/d "Jolly Green Florist" cd in 42d (Badger)

CHILE: R Nacional 15150 F/d "Putting Augusto Out to Pasture" cd in 65d. Returned the electrodes I sent. Said they no longer needed them. (Van Helder)

COLOMBIA: CARACOL Bogota 5075 F/d letter, several pennants, and huge packet of books on Colombia rcv'd 22 days after 3rd f/up when I threatened to rent a small plane and fly over and dump 50 lbs of salt on the station. (Jack Mann) QSL creativity from a pro! -Ray
CARACOL 4945 F/d "Boiling Our Old Socks" cd in 1.5 lunar eclipses for a boiled "Garfield the Cat" doll (Hollister) Same, v/s Jaime Tocoa, who wants to know why people in Canada go ice-fishing in the winter. He asks "Isn't it easier to make it in the refrigerator?" (Carbonneau) I've always wondered the same thing -Ray.

DISUNITED KINGDOM: BBC N/d "Our Unusual Native Costumes" cd in 84d for a used bran muffin (Mann) A sequel to the funny walks card, I presume - Ray.

ECUADOR: R Quito 4920 P/d "Exporting Old Socks to Colombia" folder cd in 3 months. Unfortunately, this is a scratch 'n' sniff QSL. (Hastings)
HCJB: 15155 cards A & B of this year's "Ecuadorian Outhouses" series in 35 days for a glass of milk (Goshen).

EGYPT: R Cairo 17705 F/d "Misplacing the Pyramids" cd in 68d (Cedoux) Egyptian DX Club Program via Radio Cairo 9475 F/d "Stringing Dipoles Between the Pyramids" cd in 33d for a grounding rod (Finelli)

HONDURAS: R Oscuridad y Muerte 3275 F/d "Locking Pedro in the Basement" cd in 43d from v/s Maria Gomezovich who says she would like to receive a gerbil furcoat with future reports (Hollister).
R Luz y Vida 3250 F/d "Our Station Lamp Shop" cd in 34d for 2 light bulbs (Carbonneau)

ICELAND: ISBS 13770 P/d "Unusual Icelandic Recreational Activities" cd in 91d (Dernoff) F/d "Iceland - A Country Without Famous Landmarks" cd in 65d. V/s Ahmed Petersen, who says he really enjoyed the aftershave I accidentally spilled on the rpt (Badger) Hmmmm... Ray.

ITALY: RAI F/D "Guess Who's Prime Minister Today" cd in 3 millimicro lightyears (Finelli) You should study your astronomy. The lightyear is a unit of volume, not time! - Ray

KENYA: RK 4934 F/d "Sending the Hockey Pucks back to Canada" cd in 67d. A real bruise to the national ego! (Carbonneau)

LESOTHO: RL 4800 F/d "Our National Multi-Lingual Cussing Team" cd in 48 days for a list of Navaho profanity (Victoria). I've always liked the Banana Peeling Team cd myself -Ray.

NEW ZEALAND: R NZ 17660 P/D "New Zealand - A Country Without A Continent" cd in 45ds for two cans of spray starch (Badger)

PERU: R Uncooperativa 4785 Ltr rcv'd from stn mgr Alejandro Calderas who said he didn't feel like verifying any reception reports this year. A bummer! (Victoria)
R Sin Merced 4960 F/d "Boiling the Announcers" cd in 3 witchcraft trials. Did the Senderos take lessons from these guys? (Van Helder)
R Amistad Internacional 6884 long English ltr from v/s Jaime Schernandez who says it's "really spiffy" to get letters from other countries (Mann). There's a sucker born every minute! Let's fleece him while the gettings good! -Ray

ROMANIA: R Bucharest 11940 F/d "Pictures of Ceaucesceu's Dead Body", #8 in series of 20 in two micro-eons. My kids really get into these. They say this series reminds them of Saturday morning cartoons! (Rumbley)

SOLOMON ISLANDS: F/d "Local Fertility Festival" QSL in 53d. I'm glad they sent this in a plain brown envelope! Now, just so the kids don't find it. (Rumbley) Same in 68d from illegible stn mgr who said he wanted to "deny the rumors of cannabalism at the station" (Hollister)

SWEDEN: RS 11775 P/d "Bobbing For Ice Cubes" cd in 38d (Hollister) 15350 F/d "Swedish Folk Art - Dyeing Snowmen" card in 41d (Hastings) Don't they always dye come hot weather? - Ray.

SWITZERLAND: 15325 N/d "Untypical Swiss Folkcrafts" cd in 14d (Hollister)

TANZANIA: R Tanzania 4785 F/d cd rcv'd in 35d. Mailed in a small box along with some old candy wrappers, a broken microphone, several rumpled memos, and a very black banana peel. Looks like they sent me their garbage! (Hollister) F/d cd in 43d w/ old road maps and set of steamy love letters to "James" from "Cindy". Great reading! (Hastings)

UGANDA: R Uganda 5026 Rejection letter from v/s John Otubimi who says the bribes I sent were grossly inadequate. I thought they liked canned chicken noodle soup in Uganda! (Badger) Next time send a couple of frozen pizzas. It worked for me -Ray.

USA: VOA 5995 P/d cd #32 in Folk Rituals series - "Failing the Geography Test" in 45d (Van Helder) 17780 P/d "Famous Con-men of Florida" cd, #6 of 12, in 35d (Kyle)

ZAIRE: R Candip 5066 F/d veri embroidered onto a pair of boxer shorts. Really unique! Wish more stations were this personal (Goshen)

LETTERS: Rod Curtain says he has found new interest in the hobby since he began sending weekly reception reports to Havana and Pyongyang using Jesse Helms's name and address. Yeah, a couple years ago I used to get a kick out of sending reports from Jesse Jackson to South Africa. Takeshi Weister of Lovelock, Nevada (what an erotic name for a town - really turns me on!) writes to say that he get a lot of laughs from the QSLs people pretend to receive in this column. I know what you mean. Sometimes, though, it's not the contributor. I like to make things up too, once in a while. For example, next month, I'm going to put in one for Tristan da Cunha under your name, with an appropriate rebuttal. Roger Reed of Paris, MI writes that he is very depressed because he still hasn't verified all the Soviet Republics. Why don't you try eating better, Roger? Georgi Dimitrov of Sofia, Bulgaria writes to say that he couldn't DX last month because "My receiver was broken, but I was not." Well, Georgi, that's the spirit that keeps the hobby going, I guess. Just received an ad here for the new Finnish International Shortwave Handbook. It says "If you can't find the station you need, let your fingers do the walking in FISH". Hmmm, last time I let my fingers do the walking, I almost lost a tooth. See you soon - Ray.


The above article appeared in the 1990 edition of BLANDX, the DX bulletin parody magazine. More information about BLANDX is available from Don Moore.

What were once vices are now good DXing habits. (BLANDX 1990)


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