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The BLANDX Boutique

Editor: Boris Barrios


Hello from the all new BLANDX BOUTIQUE! Yes, that's right, "Ye Olde Blandxe Mailordere Shoppe" has a new name to go with the club's new image. But we still sell everything you need to enjoy your DXing (and everything we need to sell if we're going to buy any more editorial saunas). Rembember, we take all major credit cards, so "sell your soul to our company store".

First, news of old items in the catalog. Once again we have run out of our popular "Invade Djibouti" bumper stickers. We hope to have a new supply within two months. However, we now have in stock a new shipment of our BLANDX cereal bowls (with the logo in the bottom). Only $3.75, postpaid. They even include a bunny-shaped spoon!

This month we're pleased to offer you some new items. First, we have just received our first shipment of the official BLANDX Lace-Bra-and-Panty set. These items are made of high quality genuine polyester and come only in BLANDX lime green with the BLANDX logo in magenta in several prominent places. Obviously, this is the perfect gift for the girlfriend or wife who has problems appreciating the hobby. This classy set of lingerie won't even put a dent in your wallet, as they cost just $14.95 each, postage-paid. To the right is a picture of yours truly, BLANDX BOUTIQUE manager Boris Barrios, modeling these luxurious, sensuous undergarments. (We can't print that! - ed.)

Next, there's the new BLANDX Medicinal Tonic. Bill Kyle has been testing this out for us for the past three months, and he says "It gives you what it takes for those late-night DX sessions". Available in pint or fifth bottles, at $2.45 and $4.25, respectively. Just be sure to tell any prying law- enforcement officers that you bought it on vacation in Senegal.

More new products are in the works for the BLANDX Boutique. For example, coming next month is the BLANDX garter belt. In the meantime, remember we are the only authorized distributor in North America of Radio Moscow garter belts (the ones with little pictures of gerbils). Also, we are currently negotiating with three different toy companies for rights regarding "BLANDX - THE BOARD GAME".


The above article appeared in the 1990 edition of BLANDX, the DX bulletin parody magazine. More information about BLANDX is available from Don Moore.

What were once vices are now good DXing habits. (BLANDX 1990)


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