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Edited by Sven Gonzalez ------------------------------

BBC Monitoring Service items (designated BBC Monitoring Service items) are not copied right and may not be reproduced without sexual intercourse (but not with me!) Material for this column will be accepted only if the envelope is clearly marked "No Socks Enclosed". It greatly cuts down on the time I spend typing this column when contributors do not write on either side of the paper. Do not ask sg for advice on toasters, wheat germ, or washing socks, OK? (sg)


BULGARIA: In an effot to promote the study and use of foreign languages, all domestic radio stations in this country now broadcast only in English, Spanish, German or Italian. As Head of Broadcasting Georgi Dimitrov put it, "Nobody else speaks Bulgarian. Why should we?" (footnote in "Modern Denistry" magazine via Bill Rumbley)

CANADA: On 6/14, yet another US-based religious shortwave station began broadcasts directed towards Canada. In an apparently related development per UPI news and other sources, within hours anti-American riots broke out in 1,527 cities, towns, and villages across Canada. US consulate offices in Vancouver, Calgary, and Moose Jaw were taken over and their staffs held hostage. There are rumors that rioters from Winnipeg burned the entire state of North Dakota to the ground. (compiled by sg)

EGYPT: Radio Cairo will celebrate the sesquisemidecimillicentennial of its first broadcast in Norwegian sometime in late 1997. (sg)

INTERNATIONAL WATERS: While tuning through the 6 MHz maritime band looking for pirates, I came across the Rwandan luxury liner La Rougele calling SOS on 6381 kHz. I promptly called the Coast Guard and the ship was rescued within 30 minutes. (Jack Mann) YOU FOOL!!! If you had not called the Coast Guard, the ship's SOS might have been on for hours longer!! You deprived many DXers the chance to log an authentic sinking ship!! May your children grow up to worship Idi Amin. (sg)

NEW ZEALAND: Per Radio New Zealand International news, starting Aug 1, 1993, this country currently on UTC+12 hours will go to UTC+36 hours, putting it at least a full day ahead of the rest of the world. Supposedly will help New Zealanders win big bucks in foreign lotteries. (Clay Hastings) I wonder if the newsreaders have been drinking on the job again? (sg)

NIGERIA: Voice of Nigeria noted here on 11770 at 0800 w/ native cookery program. Gave recipes for properly cooking missionaries. Sounds good. Now I just need ten pounds of okra. (Scherzer-WA)

OMAN: Radio Oman 11890 has dropped its Arabic Chanting program due to poor ratings. It has been replaced by the "Four O'Clock Movie". (Morgan)

SRI LANKA: According to BBC nx, after a cataclysmic volcanic eruption the country of Sri Lanka no longer exists (via Van Helder). Will probably be very difficult to log now! (sg)

TAIWAN: Due to energy shortages, the Voice of Free China's program "Spotlight" will be renamed "Flashlight" starting in September. (Rumstead) Surely a symbolic gesture at best. (sg)


ALBANIA: During the many years that this country was under hardline Communist rule, DXers often wondered why Radio Tirana often failed to shut down their transmitters until hours after the end of a broadcast. It has recently been learned that party officials required the station to keep the stand-by studio monitor on at all times, and the technicians frequently fell asleep while listening to the show. (Schezer)

BAHRAIN: Contrary to a report in last month's column, this country will not change it's name to Norain. (sg)

BOLIVIA: In response to ace DXer Bill Rumbley's announcement that he has QSLed all Bolivian shortwave stations, Tim Herman writes that he is moving to Vaca Guzman, Bolivia and will set up a station that "Bill will never verify." (sg)

CALIFORNIA (Almost Independent Republic of): California fruit growers are preparing for the commencement of "Radio Pancho Villa" to broadcast Beatles music, tamale recipes, and help wanted ads to Mexico. (Omy Goshen)

COLOMBIA: I almost hate to report this, as I sure hope it's not a trend. I received a veri letter from La Voz de los Altos about four weeks ago. In it, the manager said he was sending me via separate post "a little Maryjane". It's been years since the Mrs. and I have had kids around the place, but we have prepared to make a home for the poor waif. She still hasn't arrived yet. I did receive a strange 300 pound package of dried weeds. I was going to use it to mulch the garden, but young Billy (he's Jim and Anna's 17 year-old) wanted it. Who can understand kids these days! Last week he got excited over a bunch of dried weeds and this week he goes out and buys a new Mercedes. (Bill Kyle)

CUBA: Fidel Castro has announced plans to set up a "Radio W.C. Fields" to broadcast Beatles music and bloopers from old Ronald Reagen movies to the USA. Apprently he had planned to announce this eight years ago, but had left the speech in the john. (Dillon Hollister)

ECUADOR: Logged the DX Partytime program on HCJB on 6/15 at 0235 with the usual stuff - real party going on, lots of loud rock music in the background. Announcers were really looped. Kept IDing as "The Voice of the Annies" (Jack Mann) Since 6/10, all staff members at HCJB have changed their names to Ann and the station has begun IDing as "The Voice of the Annies." (Van Helder)

QATAR: Effective September 1, this country will change its name to Quatar "to show that we really can spell correctly." (via Jack Bradbury)

VATICAN: Due to financial problems, Vatican Radio's SW transmissions will be in black and white only for the next several months. (Hollister)


CANADA: Parliment is expected to soon pass a bill to found "Radio Benedict Arnold" to broadcast to the USA. MP Jack Witherspoon announced "We don't know what we'll put on it, but everybody else is doing it, so what the hell!" (Van Helder)

FINLAND: Radio Finland wishes to apologize to its listeners abroad for our past policy of "This is a radio station, not a supermarket." We have thought it over carefully and now realize that there is a lot of money to be made by being both a radio station AND a supermarket, so we have decided to combine the two. Send a reception report for a QSL and grocery price list, complete with all mail order forms to: Radio Finland Foodmarket, Helsinki, Finland. (via Jack Mann)

KOREA, SOUTH: To be on the air by late 1993 is the new Islamic missionary station HPMB, "Heralding the Prophet Mohammed's Blessings" with 5 250 kw transmitters and programs in Chinese, English, Korean, Aleut, and Chippewa. As General Manager Ahmed Abdul "Lingerie Jack" Mohammed ibn Ahmed put it, "Why should Christian Evangelists make all the money?" (article on the back of a box of oatmeal via sg)

PAPUA-NEW GUINEA: Rumors that Radio Southern Highlands was raided by cannibals have been confirmed. Details are spotty, but it appears that the cannibal leader personally promoted the station's assistant manager Bob Muraboa to manager-in-chief. (Radio Australia news via Clay Hastings)


The above column is an edited version of that which appeared in the 1987 edition of BLANDX, the DX bulletin parody magazine. More information about BLANDX is available from Don Moore.

What were once vices are now good DXing habits. (BLANDX 1990)


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