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Dominican Republic Radio Bandscan

By Jean Burnell


Jean Burnell at airport of Puerto Plata, Dominican Rep.
Equipment: Sony 2010 with internal antenna
Daytime bandscan compiled 14 April, 1996, 1830-2000 UTC

    Freq  Station/note/a  Location    Strength/5      
    532   R. Vision Cristiana     South Caicos    5
    540   unID, R. ABC?   Santo Domingo?  2
    560   R. Ritmos/b     Santiago4
    580   unID in SS      ?       2
    590   R. Santa Maria  La Vega 5
    610   R. Accion/c     Santiago4
    660   R. Quisqueyana  Santiago4
    720   R. NorteSantiago   4
    770   R. Aguila       Santiago   4
    820   R. Santiago     Santiago   4
    840   R. Isabel de Torres     Puerto Plata    5
    850   R. Clarin?/d,e  Santiago3
    860   R. Clarin?/d    Santo Domingo   2
    870   R. La Vega      La Vega 4
    900   R. Puerto Plata Puerto Plata    5
    930   Ondas del Yague Santiago4
    970   R. Olimpica/f   La Vega 2
    990   R. CibaoSantiago   2
   1050   R. Hispaniola   Santiago3
   1090   R. Amistad      Santiago   3
   1160   unID, Radiolandia?      Santiago?       2
   1190   R. Azul Santiago4
   1270   R. Vision/g     Santo Domingo   3
   1490   RTV Dominicana  Puerto Plata    5
   1540   R. Bahamas      Nassau  2
   a      WRTH lists many more stations in Santiago, La Vega 
          and, especially, Puerto Plata which I feel I would 
          have heard if the stations had been active. I did 
          check every 10 kHz-channel, and every one with 
          discernable audio is noted here.
   b      Disappeared (off air) 1927-1944, 1946-... 
   c      Open carrier at 1835, later with rock mx
   d      850 // 860. The only ID heard was garbled, but the 
          station's name sounded like only one syllable, not the 
          two syllables of "Clarin"
   e      WRTH says this is inactive
   f      IDed as "HIVP" without mention of "Radio Olimpica"
   g      IDed as "Radio Hit"


Thanks to Jean Burnell for permission to include this listing here.

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