RADIO JUTICALPA (HRRZ) On May 28, 1985, 1 went to Juticalpa, Capital of Departamento d'6 Olancho in order to get a QSL of Radio Juticalpa directly and to write this report. It took 3 and a half hours from Tegucigalpa by bus. On reaching the cheapesi hotel "Hospedaje Ramos Aurosa" in the center of the town, I switched on my radio receiver and sweeped AM & FM bands to know activity of stations there;,i,," Station name : Radio Excelsior Radio Majestad Radio Constelaci6n Callsign : HRQV HRAD HRCD Frequency : 830kHz 1310kHz 1370kHz (n.1340) Transmitter model : Symetrik 1-KM Collins RCA Output power : 1kW 2kW 2kW Sked (Mon - Sat) : 0500 - 2200 0400 2200 0600 - 2200 (Sunday) : 0630 - 2130 0600 2000 0600 - 1700 Owner : Orland Aguirre H6ctor Robilio Roberto Jonney Torres Founding date : December 1, 1978 January 28, 1971 June 26, 1976 Address (P.O.BOX) : Apartado 28 Apartado 15 -------- Address : Edificio Garcia Barrio La Joya, 2 cuadras de Palque Bacerra, Frente Juticalpa. Flores, Juticalpa. al Parque Flores, 3a El Centro. Guided by announcer of Radio Excelsior, I went to HRRZ Radio Juticalpa, 3 blocks away from Central Park. 2 storied modern building has a panel showing callsign "H,R.R.Z'1. As well as other four stations in the town, antenna for FM link is stood on the roof. Studio and operation room are separated, but except for special programs, an operator also takes charge of announcement, so broadcating is made by one person. In this connection, 4 persons work by turns at 0400-2200 from Monday to Saturday, 5 persons at OGOO-2000 on Sunday. The control room is. equipped with "Collins" control mixer to which connected are 2 microphones (one for operator, the other for studio), "Gray" player, "Broadcast Electronic International" catridge (for ID and ads). On the 2nd floor incompleted recording studio, disk library (with "historicai" disks) and STL transmitter room. After visiting studio, I met Sr. Victor Rubi Zapata, founder and Gerente. I told him my purpose of visit and asked him to issue a QSL for my report sent before. Saying $Icon mucho gusto", he issued at once a full data "Certificado de Sintonia", adding that this would be the last QSL. Thus I succeeded in getting "el GltirnQ QSL de Radio Juticalpa". As I--knew their poor QSL service in these days, I as,"ed about it. He said, "Until SW service was ceased completely, we received many reports from listeners in North America, Europe, Australia, Japan,, and SO on, and we sent out letters of thanks to each report until 1978. Af terwards we did not reply to reports unless those with cassette tape or follow up reports, because it needed time and money.,, After showing me reports from abroad,we heard a recorded tapes sent from DXers in US and Australia. It was so fine that I could not belive that they were operating only with 500 watts of power. HRRZ Radio Juticalpa was founded on December 16, 1962 as the first radio station in Departamento de Olancho. Their SW transmitter (maximum 60OW, normal 50OW) made in Tegucigalpa liad been used since the beginning. Antenna is a half wave delta type. Transmission on 4780kHz (60mb) was discontinued in October 1983, because it had no commercial significance in Honduras to continue the transmission. It would require much cost for maintenance of old transmitter, especially tile cliange of old tubes which had been used for many years to the new ones. Different from Guatemala, commercial stations are permitted to broadcast on SW, however, as sw receiver is not so popular in this country, only a few statiolis have an interest in SW operation. So new SW station, if any, will be no doubt religious station. Technical Information iAW 1240kHz (ex-1250) was changed to 560kHz in May 1983 in order to get wider service area. MW outlet is now operating with a modern transmitter of famous brand ,Collins" model 20V-3 (1.5kw, ex-lkW) and 1/4 wave tower antenna. Service area in daytime includes Departamento de Olancho, in the night, Departamentos: Colon, Yoro, El Paraiso, Francisco Mor6zan and as far as Northern Nicaragua. FM 98.9MHz (monaural) is an STL channel, using "Collins" model 831-AS transmitter (50W). QTH: Calle 2, Avenida 2, S.E. 202, Juticalpa, Departamento de Olancho, Honduras.