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About Radio Nuevo Mundo
Latin American broadcasting book for sale
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Radio Nuevo Mundo is a Japanese-based radio-listening club specializing in Latin American broadcasting. The membership includes several hobbyists who have traveled to Latin America, some multiple times, for the specific purpose of visiting radio stations. They include some of the radio-listening hobby's best-known experts on the Latin American radio scene.

Over the past twenty years, RNM has published a series of six books titled LA DXing. These books are full of tales of station-visits and other information on Latin American broadcasting. They have graciously given me permission to place selected excerpts from these volumes on this website. Articles from various volumes of LA DXing and Relampago DX, a parallel publication by member Takayuki Inoue Nozaki, can be found under the menus for: Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Peru. Articles for more countries will be added soon.

The most recent volume of LA DXing is number six, published in 1997.

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Order from:
Radio Nuevo Mundo
Overseas Charge Department
c/o Tetsuya Hirahara
5-6-6 Nukui-kita
Tokyo T184-0015 JAPAN
Price is US $20 cash
(no check, money orders, etc)
or 20 IRCs.
(International Reply Coupons may be purchased at most post offices in industrial nations, although not all postal clerks may be familiar with them.)

Radio Nuevo Mundo also has several beautiful club pennants available. These were made by a pennant printer in Lima, Peru.
Order from:
c/oTakayuki Inoue Nozaki
18-11 Fuzimi-cho, Hachioji-shi
Tokyo T192-0044, JAPAN
As above, all prices are cash.
22nd anniversary pennant US$5
20th pennant(big) US$20
20th pennant(small) US$5
19th pennant US$5
18th pennant US$5
17th pennant US$6
16th pennant US$5

Disclaimer: Information on these products is placed here in part to thank Radio Nuevo Mundo and in part because readers of this website may be interested in these items. I have no financial interest in Radio Nuevo Mundo or its products.


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